The Buffalo Bills host the Miami Dolphins this Saturday night, for what will be the third consecutive game against an AFC East opponent, and just the second home game against an AFC East rival this season.

The game will be broadcast locally on channel 7 and across the country on The NFL Network, so it's yet another chance for the Bills to showcase in primetime.

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However, the Bills and Dolphins will likely be playing in snow. The forecast by all accounts, calls for lake effect snow on Saturday evening, with a reasonable chance that lake effect band is over Orchard Park during the game.

The Bills have decided to switch up what they normally wear for a home game this season. For the first time since last season, the Bills will wear their color rush red jerseys for their night game against Miami.

The Dolphins will be wearing white jerseys.

This is a smart play by Buffalo, because in case it does snow as bad as the forecast says it could, it will be much easier for the Bills to see one another in that weather.

Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa grew up in Hawaii and played college football at Alabama. Couple that with his time in Miami since being drafted and you have a quarterback with limited experience (if any) playing in snow.

If the snow is bad enough, it will limit both offenses, but the Bills offense should have the advantage in that weather, because of Josh Allen.

Squish the Fish week is upon us.

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