When you welcome a pup into your home, the first step is giving your new best friend a name that fits not only the dog, but you as a pet owner. It is arguably more challenging to name your animal than it is to name a child, because as I am sure you know, pet names can be more imaginative or creative, whereas if you named your daughter or son “Snowball,” people may give you a weird look upon introductions. 

However, when you live in Buffalo, almost every conversation can be linked back to our Buffalo Bills, so of course you would want to name your new pet in a way that would reflect your love of football and more importantly, the Buffalo Bills. And if you are adopting a pet any time soon, we both know your mind is in football mode, with the Buffalo Bills currently playing preseason games and looking to kick off their official season at home on September 12 at Highmark Stadium.

Induct Your Dog Into Bills Mafia

Here are the best Bills-themed names to consider when naming your new pet. You can decide which ones you like the most.

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