As the NFL season kicks off with off-season workouts, Bills mafia members already should have a chip on their shoulder heading into the season.

If you ever been inside the stadium during a Bills game, you know that the Bills fans aka Mafia can be loud. Of course, Bills Mafia is more known for its antics outside the stadium before the game too. It seems those antics have led the Bills mafia to drop in a new ranking of all the NFL team fanbases.

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The website recently posted a ranking of all the NFL fanbases from worst to first and Bills Mafia can in toward the bottom at #20.

The writer of the article cited all the table jumping, ketchup spraying, and adult toy throwing antics as the reason the Bills Mafia are over-hyped and don't deserve to be higher on the list.

Wrestling moves performed off vans and through flaming tables, copious amounts of alcohol being consumed, various other illicit activity occurring — and that’s just the parking lots! Bills fans are close to jumping the shark, assuming that shark is soaked with booze and about to be lit on fire. The team has been mostly bad since the early 1990s, and the weather in Buffalo stinks for at least half of the season, so while loyalty in that kind of situation would normally be rewarded against that backdrop, I’m getting tired of all the videos of parking lot hijinks. When the game is actually going on, Bills fans are mostly just run-of-the-mill, though even as I type that, I seem to recall an incident where a rather salacious foreign object was thrown on the field by a fan. The craziest Buffalo fans are the ones drawing all of the headlines — so what about the rest of them? Do they exist? Are they rowdy? Do they care if the team someday moves to Toronto? The ability to drink heavily without turning boorish is nice and all, but it doesn’t make a fan base great.

Now of course I am super bias since I am a member of the Mafia and have been a Bills fan since the early 1980s.

Some of the things the writer wrote are spot on, but the part of the fans not caring when the games start or do we care if the team moved to Toronto is totally wrong.

Bills Football is a part of life here in Buffalo. When the team wins, the whole city and the whole region are in a better mood. The Bills players are just NFL players, they are family and they are part of the community. The Bills Mafia might be known for table jumping but we are also known for giving back, not only locally, but to charities across the country. Just ask Andy Dalton, or the radio host from Baltimore, or the kids at Oishi about how the Bills Mafia give back.

Don't forget about the playoff games when the Mafia was allowed back into the stadium last season. Sure we might have only been at 10% capacity but the noise the Mafia made sounded like 80,000 strong.

So don't tell me that there are 19 better fanbases in the National Football League, or heck even any league. Bills Mafia bleeds the Red, White, and Blue, and not only do we root for the team, but we also root for the community.

Ask any of the Buffalo Bills where they would want to be and I can assure you they would say There is no place like Buffalo aka Home.


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