The injury to Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen during Sunday's loss to the Houston Texans could mean the Bills will have a huge decision to make on who to start in his place.  Will it be Nathan Peterman again?  There's just no way the Bills can do that considering his propensity for giving the ball away.

Bills coach Sean McDermott on Monday wouldn't give a definitive answer to the nature of Allen's injury, but he did say it's an injury that will be re-evaluated week to week.  ESPN's Chris Mortenson says it's a ligament injury similar to one that kept Tennessee quarterback Marcus Mariota out of action for several weeks.  Mariota's injury was to what's known as the funny bone and weeks after the injury Mariota said he felt tingling in the fourth and fifth fingers of his throwing arm.

It sounds like Allen won't be available to play this week against Indianapolis, so who will get the start?  Despite his horrific play coach McDermott refuses to rule out Peterman as his starter.  His words; "I’ve got to put the right guy out there that I feel like is best for our football team. I understand the fans and that sentiment, but at the same time, I’ve got to do what I feel is best for the football team moving forward."

Best for the football team?  Don't ever play Peterman again.  We know what he gives you - turnovers.  Anybody is better than Peterman at this point.  Derek Anderson just cannot be any worse than Peterman.  Even after being with the team only a week, Anderson is the only sane option.  The Bills can't afford to allow Peterman to keep giving games away.

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