The police have been on the lookout for a man who escaped jail in Pennsylvania for days now.  How would someone who's been the subject of a manhunt find him?

You may remember the name, Ralphy "Bucky" Phillips.  It was all over the news as he was the subject of a manhunt in Western New York in 2006.  He escaped prison in Alden and was on the run for five months before he was finally caught.  He recently gave an interview over the phone from his prison cell where he's currently serving a life sentence for shooting three New York State Troopers, one of whom died in the search.

Phillips says he and Burham aren't the same

When hearing about the search for Burham on the news, it certainly has the same vibes as when police were on the search for Phillips.  But he says not to compare the two.  They aren't the same.

“When people start comparing notes, me to people who do things like that (allegedly kidnapping an elderly couple), that’s not my character whatsoever. … And people should already know by the fact that I was out there for five months and I never harmed any civilians whatsoever. Yeah, that ain’t cool.”

How will police eventually catch Burham?

Michael Burham has survivalist and military skills.  So how will police be able to bring him in?  Phillips says that they're going to have to think like Burham.

“They have to meet the demand with exactly the type of mentality that they’re searching for."

He added that there is plenty of food available in the woods for a guy like Burham to live for quite some time.  He thinks the longer he stays in the woods, the less likely the police will be able to catch him.

What should you do if you do see Burham?

Police have said multiple times that if you do happen to see Burham, not to approach him.  He is considered dangerous.  Call 9-1-1 as soon as it's safe to do so.  The reward has been increased to $19,500 for information that leads to his capture.

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