If you're from Western New York, you're probably already up-to-speed on Buffalo's rich history. And even if you're new here, you know Buffalo is something special. Here we take a look at five famous Buffalo locations.

1. The Broadway Market: A familiar stop for many, especially during the Easter season - check out the Redlinski stand in this image from the 1970s.

2. Elvis at the Aud: No joke! 63 years ago on April Fool's Day, the King made a stop in Buffalo to play a show at the Memorial Auditorium.

3. Trains at the Central Terminal: Shuttered for many years, there's currently talk of bringing trains back to the Central Terminal.

4. Buffalo State Hospital (H. H. Richardson Complex): Long overshadowed by its use as a psychiatric facility, this local treasure has been reborn as the "Hotel Henry," which is accepting room bookings as soon as April 30.

5. Lafayette Square: The front yard of where our studios are located (in the historic Rand Building). The longtime home of "Thursday in the Square" concerts (now held at Canalside...well, they would be, but coronavirus), looks much different today. In this image from the 1930s, you can see where underground public showers were once located!

If you love old photos of our amazing city, check out the "Buffalore" Facebook group!

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