The Buffalo Bills will have their season opener tonight against the New York Jets (or should I say New Jersey Jets?) and the Bills Mafia have a pretty good idea on how to support our hometown team, even if they’re not at home for the first game of the season.

Opening up the season on Monday night football is already pretty exciting, but to have a QB match-up of Josh Allen vs. Aaron Rodgers? That’s going to be a good game. 

While Aaron Rodgers is a respected athlete, he has been the punchline of many jokes in recent years, following his “days-long isolation in a shed of darkness.” 

According to Rodgers, the “darkness cleanse” allowed him to clear his mind and help him discover what his next move was. 

You can see more of that interview below. 

Apparently it worked, because now he is the starting QB for the New York Jets. 

However, when news came out about the darkness retreat, many people joked that it had to do with Rodgers’s fear of the dark or the boogeyman himself. 

There’s a theory actually that Aaron Rodgers has nightmares about this Hat Man, who is similar to the boogeyman, as he only sees him in the dark. 

The conspiracies started after Aaron Rodgers talked about his Ayahuasca experience. You can hear that interview below. 

Many people took that and ran with it, and thus Hat Man was born.

People have their own ideas about what Hat Man may look like, and it’s a shadowy figure with a hat. 

It’s been labeled satire, but Bills fans have taken it and run with it.

That’s why a lot of people are dressing up at Hat Man for the season opener at the Jets home field.

So prepare to see some Buffalo Bills fans dressed like this: 

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