It’s one of the most common, little arguments we have with our significant other. “Did you turn up the thermostat?” One of you may be more concerned about the overall cost of running the heat or air conditioner, while the other one of you is looking for a comfortable environment. 

There’s a lot of reasons why people argue over the temperature on the thermostat, but maybe we should take a hand out of the Buffalo Bills stadium rulebook. 

No, it has nothing to do with football and everything to do with being Buffalo. 

You’ll never have to argue about the thermostat again, thanks to the stadium team at Buffalo Bills.

Have you ever thought about considering the temperature “71.6?”

A family from Amherst did the Bills stadium tour last week, and the kids noticed that the Bills keep the temperature controlled areas at a comfortable 71.6 degrees in the stadium.

Why, you may ask?

When you walk by it, the thermostat looks like it’s saying 7-1-6 since the decimal is so small. Someone that works there is really paying attention to the small details, and it could be the solution to solving that common argument in your house. 

What should we set the thermostat to? How about 71.6? 

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