It is a good time to be a Buffalo Bills fan.

The Bills are hot. They are all the hype right now. They are the Super Bowl favorites. Our quarterback is the favorite to win the National Football League MVP.

Here are all of the stats from The Football Database since the inception of the Buffalo Bills. These are the top 20 highest scorers ever from the Buffalo Bills.

  • Right now, there are 2 active Buffalo Bills on the list: Tyler Bass and Josh Allen.
  • There are 7 kickers within the top 10 of the list.
  • Josh Allen has scored 34 touchdowns so far in his entire career. If he keeps the same pace and plays for the Bills for 5 more years, he could break the all-time touchdown record that is held by both wide receiver Andre Reed and running back Thurman Thomas with 87.

Take a look at the list below:

  1. Steve Christie 1,011
  2. Rian Lindell 980
  3. Scott Norwood 670
  4. Andre Reed 522
  5. Thurman Thomas 522
  6. Dan Carpentar 464
  7. O.J. Simpson 420
  8. John Leypoldt 369
  9. Tyler Bass 310
  10. Stephen Hauschka 303
  11. Eric Molds 298
  12. Lee Evans 260
  13. Cookie Gilchrist 248
  14. Nick Mike-Mayer 239
  15. Elbert Dubenion 234
  16. Fred Jackson 224
  17. Pete Gogolak 217
  18. Joe Cribbs 216
  19. Josh Allen 210
  20. Bob Chandler 205

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