The Buffalo Bills are very exciting to watch these days. Not only are the games fun to watch and exciting to witness, but the buzz around Western New York has been contagious, to say the least.

It's probably because I have lived in Buffalo my entire life. But I think that the blue in the Bills logo pops just so well in photos and video. When you put it on the ice and in the outdoor lighting, it reigns supreme over the others in the NFL.

The Bills face a big challenge this Saturday under the lights in Orchard Park. But unlike other years, you can never count the 2021 Buffalo Bills out. With the fans allowed in the stands, the game has certainly changed for the Buffalo Bills. I was fortunate to be there this past weekend. 6700 fans sound like 70,000 when they get fired up!

Get your signs out and cheer loudly this weekend. It sure is a fun ride and a good time to be a fan of New York's ONLY NFL team!

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