What started as a fun backyard party with a campfire quickly turned horrific when a car crash occurred just across the street. 

It wasn’t your typical car crash, though…it happened across the street in the neighbor’s driveway. 

According to WGRZ, Mohammed Alam was pulling into his driveway when another car, who was driven by somebody that neither neighbor knew, quickly backed down Alam’s driveway at a very high speed.

The collision left the front of Alam’s van smashed up and it was felt by Jamie Halstead, who was having a campfire on the other side of the street at her house. 

The car flew out of Alam’s driveway so quickly, he had no time to react behind the wheel of his minivan in an attempt to avoid the crash. 

Halstead’s security camera got the crash on camera, as well as the stumbling driver apologizing when he stepped out of the car. “My bad, man,” the driver said to Alam after backing into his minivan. 

Halstead alleges that once the police arrived, the driver of the vehicle admitted he was drinking when he collided with Alam’s minivan. 

But the police refrained from issuing any tickets or conducting a field sobriety test, according to the accounts of Halstead. 

Then, the police officers allegedly told the neighbors that “a drunk driving case, if pursued, would likely not hold up in court,” according to a report from WGRZ

After police left the scene, the driver did not wait for Alam’s minivan to be towed out of the way following the crash. Instead, that driver proceeded to cut through Halstead’s front yard, tearing up her flower bed and nearly hitting her in the process. 

A spokesperson for the Buffalo police told WGRZ that the incident is under review, and a detective is now assigned to the case, with the driver facing more serious charges involving their recklessness that was captured on Halstead’s camera footage. 

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