Buffalo has had its fair share of weather weirdness this year. 

But if you don’t count the devastating blizzard and the frequent air quality warnings due to the smoke from the Canadian wildfires, we’ve had it pretty great weather-wise here in Buffalo. 

Consistent warm temperatures have sent tons of Buffalo residents outside to enjoy the nice weather, and we felt pretty lucky at the turn of events. 

However, the lack of rain didn’t make everyone happy…

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Several days without a raindrop in the Buffalo area had many locals concerned. With dried out lawns looking more brown by the day, along with farmers worried about their crops, panicked Western New Yorkers wondered - when would be the next time we see rainfall?

dry grass

Thankfully, the skies opened across the area on Sunday and Monday, and will continue to do so throughout the next week - but it sure took long enough. 

How Long Was It Since Buffalo Saw Rain?

The recent rain showers in Western New York seemed like they took forever to get here. 

In fact, the wet weather is the first rain the Buffalo area has seen in 21 days. 

Did Buffalo Break A Weather Record With The Recent Dry Spell?

Even though this stretch of dry weather was longer than usual, it didn’t hit the record books. The lack of rain during May and June is the 7th longest dry stretch on record in the Buffalo area. 

However, believe it or not, it came pretty darn close. 

This 21-day stretch without rain was only four days shy of breaking the longest dry stretch on record. 

Look Forward To Nicer Weather Here In Buffalo

Although Monday’s soaking may put a damper on some plans in Buffalo (like the grand opening of the new Buffalo AKG Museum), we should see some better weather soon.

rain on street

WIVB reports that additional showers will make their way into the area on and off throughout the week, but so far next week is looking like sunnier skies and temperatures in the 80s. 

If you’ve been using the warm, dry weather as an excuse to put off getting things done inside the house, this week you’ll have many opportunities to get stuff done!

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