If you are gearing up for your next vacation, you may want to hold off on flying to this airport. 

At least, until next year….

It’s a city that tons of people flock to every year, and there’s one major airport that will get you there. 

In 2022, over 38 million people visited Las Vegas, and the city ranked 5th worldwide in terms of tourism-related travel. 

People go to Las Vegas for bachelorette parties, to celebrate their 21st birthday, or to sin in the Sin City (though what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas). 

But when you fly into the Harry Reid International Airport, it is difficult to ignore the interior décor of the airport. 

Because when you’re from Buffalo, New York and you remember the Jack Eichel - Buffalo Sabres saga, you know how much it stings to see Jack Eichel and his new team, the Vegas Golden Knights, flexing their recent Stanley Cup win – and it is all over the Harry Reid International Airport. 

The Vegas Golden Knights were founded in 2017, and I understand that winning a Stanley Cup is a big deal – especially when it's your first one in franchise history. As long as there’s no Jack Eichel life-size cut-outs, I guess we can learn to deal with it for a year….

But just wait until the Sabres clinch a Stanley Cup win, because all of Western New York will be blue and gold

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