Did this Buffalo restaurant sell horse meat? There is and was massive controversy regarding if Bailos in Buffalo was selling horse meat.

The old restaurant that was in Buffalo at 1298 Bailey Ave burned down in the late 70s, but the rumor is still around.

Bailos was known for 3 things: their massive beef on weck sandwiches, their jumbo shrimp cocktails, and the rumor of them selling horse meat. I stumbled upon a bunch of people on social media arguing about the situation.

There is a Facebook group called 'Former Buffalo Restaurants and Bars' and they have 1 major rule.


Do not talk about Bailos Restaurant. Apparently, it causes some major fights in the Facebook group. The rule states:

Don't talk about Bailos Restaurant. Talking about Bailos causes problems with p; people about the Horsemeat rumors. Don't even mention Horsemeat in any post. ALl posts will be removed and user muted.

Steve Cichon is one of the biggest Buffalo history buffs in Western New York. On his blog, Buffalostories.com, he explains that the rumors seem to be far-fetched, but also there were other instances when horse meat caused controversy around town:

 During World War II, when meat was scarce, it was illegal to sell horse meat for human consumption. However, it could be sold and butchered as dog food.


Marlin Perkins, then the Buffalo Zoo curator, was a partner in Buffalo’s first horse meat shop opened in 1943 at 1709 Hertel Ave., currently the site of Deep South Taco.

For the record, it is illegal in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Oklahoma to slaughter a horse.

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