Our son Hank is in kindergarten and is five years old and decided to try to learn how to tie his sneakers after watching the older kids at school. But what is a great way to teach your kids how to tie their shoes quickly? I have to admit, after being a dad for nearly 6 years it’s some thing I haven’t thought about yet.

Thankfully, our sons have a mom who is on top of just about everything these days and found a quick way to teach kids how to tie laces.

We had our son Hank give it a shot and in less than five minutes he was tying his own shoes and was practicing all day long! Check out this video and some of the photos that will help you to learn how to tie laces quickly or at least how to teach your kids how to tie their leases quickly.

Buffalo Kids Demonstrate TikTok Shoelace Hack

I doubt we will ever get our son Hank to wear a pair of sneakers with Velcro on them. It may sound a little lazy, but I do prefer boots without laces. Just slipping boots on quickly in the morning and heading out to work is really convenient. However, I know that most of you that work in construction or some industry that requires you to wear boots with laces and have mastered the art of putting them on quickly in the morning before you head out to the job.

I had our son Hank use one of my size 14 sneakers to practice on to better illustrate how simple it is to tie laces when you are just learning with this quick hack that my wife found on Good Morning America and on TikTok. Good luck to anyone who gives this a shot.


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