Thanks to a little liquid courage, one woman from Buffalo, New York shared a bold tweet that led her to find a husband. 

It was May 2020 when Jill Sennett made a Twitter post asking if anyone would marry her, and it changed her life forever. 

One night, Sennett was a little tipsy and shared a selfie on Twitter with the caption that said “Do any celebrities want to marry me? I'm single." 

Sennett originally tagged the band Hozier, who she had been listening to nonstop during the early months of the pandemic, but she garnered the attention of another musician.

Casey Serrano responded to Jill’s tweet soon after she posted it. You may not know Casey by his name, but you will surely know him for his work with the Chippettes band for Alvin & The Chipmunks. 

“I may not be Hozier but I was the bass player for the Chippettes band in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. And I would treat you as good, if not better, than Hozier. So. Up to you. My DMs are open.” Casey wrote on Twitter. 

After debating back and forth about whether or not to reach out, Jill decided to send a message to Casey which said, “If Twitter were real life, I’d date you.” 

Although they were 2,000 miles apart, Casey and Jill had a few virtual dates before agreeing to meet up in person, and while the initial meeting may have had some awkwardness, they quickly fell in love with one another. 

And in March 2022, less than two years later, Casey Serrano asked Jill Sennett to marry him at the Eternal Flame. 

They had an engagement photoshoot in Downtown Buffalo, which is Jill’s hometown. She is so much of a Buffalover, her Twitter handle actually says @Buffalojilll.

Now that’s a member of the Mafia! 

Eventually, Hozier heard about the couple’s incredible love story following the engagement, and the band reached out via Twitter to congratulate them. 

Jill and Casey were officially married just a few weeks ago in Spain on May 20, three years to the date that Jill posted that tweet. 

Hozier was unable to make it to the couple’s big day, but they still played a big role for the Serrano wedding. 

"@Hozier wish you could have been there since you're part of this, but our first dance was to Like Real People Do so you were there in spirit," Jill posted on Twitter. 

What a long way the couple has come in the last three years.

Who knew the Squeakquel could be part of the world’s best pick-up line? Congratulations to the happy couple. 

And go Bills! 

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