If you've ever felt like you'd be brave enough to confront your fears, the Buffalo Museum of Science is ready to make that happen.

In the museum's next 21+ over adult night, attendees are invited to face their "deepest phobias and take a closer look at the science behind the fears that affect us every day."

And maybe understanding your fears is the key to beating them. If so, you'll get to learn a lot about bacteria, cemeteries, accidents, insects, needles and blood at the "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" night on October 18.

According to the museum's website, you'll get to "start your night facing your lilapsophobia (fear of hurricanes) with 150 mph winds. Overcome ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) by handling one of our reptilian volunteers. Peel back the layers of selachophobia (fear of sharks) with a live dissection demonstration."

And yes, there's a cash bar in case you need some liquid courage.

Find out about tickets here.

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