We've known it for years, but I guess this just makes it official.  Buffalo has always been known as the City of Good Neighbors and Travel and Leisure Magazine has confirmed it by naming Buffalo as "America's Friendliest City."

Readers were asked to rate their city on what they're best at. Buffalo rated the the highest in hospitality towards tourists, manners, politeness, warm dispositions and neighborly love.  In previous years Buffalo was rated highly for its pizza and ice cream.

Buffalo isn't a lot of things, but it sure is friendly.  I've always said a city is more than buildings and weather - it's about people.  You can strike up a conversation with people in Buffalo about anything, anytime, anywhere.  And it won't take long before you get them to smile too.

And people really come together for charitable causes.  It's amazing how generous people in Buffalo are.  I still can't believe WYRK was able to raise well over $300,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in each of the last two years.  And Buffalo came thru again earlier this month in the Day of Hope and Healing to benefit ECMC's new trauma center.

And the work of Variety - the Children's Charity of Buffalo and Western New York is legendary in their efforts to help physically challenged children with an annual telethon that has raised millions of dollars.
Whether it's a matter of helping someone down on their luck, or someone with health issues, or digging out from a snowstorm, the people of Buffalo always come thru. And they'll do it with a smile.

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