Arguably, there’s no food more American than a big, juicy burger. (Even though many think they invented it in Hamburg, Germany - but we digress). 

Anyway, how well does Buffalo, New York, hold up against the rest of the US with its burger prowess?

Food lovers across the country already know that Buffalo is a culinary gem because of our close association with chicken wings. We’re also pretty proud of our Buffalo pizza skills. 

And yes, we’ve also got some solid places to grab a great burger here in Western New York (like this secret gem in Lackawanna). 

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However, we wouldn’t exactly say that Buffalo is well-known for its burgers. Beef on weck, sure. But it’s a different beef sandwich staple we’re curious about. 

Burgers On Grill

Buffalo Ranked In “Best Burger Cities In The US”

A real estate website took it upon themselves to find the best “burger cities’’ in the US, including our very own city of Buffalo. 

Home Bay used Yelp, Google Trends, and the US Census Bureau to compile a list of the best American "burger cities." 

So how’d we do?

People eating burgers

Buffalo Ranked 21st Best City For Burgers In America

According to Home Bay’s list Buffalo, New York came in at #21 out of 50 for the best burger cities in the country, 

Not too bad, but not great, either. 

Buffalo's "passion" score was higher than the national average, along with its number of burger restaurants (over 13 per 100,000 residents). 

The average price of burger ingredients in Buffalo looks pretty high at first glance, listed at $15.72. But it’s still lower than the national average of $16,33, and much lower than the highest on the list. (Did you know the average cost of burger ingredients in San Francisco is over $22?! Yikes!)

Buffalo, New York Has To Have This On A Burger

Home Bay’s list put Buffalo at the top for at least one thing with our love for burgers. 


Apparently, based on Google Trends, Buffalo searched for the term “cheeseburger” online more than any other large city that they surveyed. 

Buffalo Should Rank Higher In The “Best Burger Cities” In The US

We don’t think Home Buy is giving the city of Buffalo enough credit for our burger scene. Places like Rock Burger and Mister Sizzles should push us higher up their list of the best burger cities in the US. 

And if there’s one thing Buffalo knows, it’s food - including big, greasy, delicious burgers. 

In true Buffalo style (and according to their own survey results), we’ll take our mediocre “best burger” ranking with a big ole slice of cheese. 

You can see the full list of Home Bay’s “Best Burger Cities in America for 2023” here

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