If you remember back in early January, Mustachio's Pizza had a Facebook post that said those who commented "Bills" on the post would be able to claim a coupon for a free small pizza IF the Bills won the Super Bowl.

The Bills didn't win the Super Bowl, however, and many thought that free small pizza was off the table...nope!

According to WIVB, Mustachio's Pizza is still allowing those who claimed a coupon (those who simply commented "Bills" on their Facebook post) would still be allowed to get a free small pizza.

The free pizza can be redeemed from February 8th to May 31st. Mustachio's said "thousands" of people claimed a coupon, so the pizzeria should be busy for the next several weeks and months!

Mustachio's is located on Elmwood Avenue in Kenmore.

I can't even imagine how busy they will be because of this. It's amazing they're doing this. Mustachio's said 2020 was such a rough year for everyone and the Bills had such an incredible season they decided to go through with the deal anyway.

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They admitted they're crazy but I think I can speak for all those who claimed a coupon, we are glad they're crazy.

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