Nobody likes being taken advantage of, and this Western New York business will not stand for this. 

Someone took it upon themselves to use services, paid for by one local business, with nothing in return. They used this restaurant as their own personal dumpster. 

This Little Pig is one of the best restaurants in Williamsville, with a casual atmosphere featuring local dishes, along with beer, cider, and cocktails. 

And while one of their goals is to make you feel like family, that doesn’t mean you can dump your trash on their property. 

A Facebook post, published by This Little Pig, accused the trash-dumper with theft, and in their explanation, you can see why. 

“When you use a business dumpster for your personal household garbage you are STEALING a service that someone else pays for.  It is THEFT.  Whomever felt it was ok to just stack your disgusting used mattress on top of MY dumpster please feel free to stop by and drop off the additional $40 it will cost us to have this removed from our property.  Thanks for your anticipated cooperation. Additionally, the white tiger stripe print is super tacky, you are gross.

Okay, so it got a little harsh towards the end, but you can understand the anger. Especially because if you have ever had to throw out a mattress, you would KNOW how difficult it is to actually get rid of. And now, that stress has just been handed off to a local business owner. 

You may have thrown out trash at a gas station or in the Wegmans, Rite Aid, or Tops parking lots, but I doubt it’s ever been as large as a mattress.

At most, I have tossed out an empty bag of Tim Horton’s…but to drive to a locally owned restaurant and put your large garbage pick-up into their hands??

If you dumped your mattress at This Little Pig and you didn’t know about the additional fees to remove the mattress, it’s time to own up to it. 

We all make mistakes, but what are we if we don’t learn from them?

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