A law New York State is enforcing may affect your ability to sell season tickets.

The law targets people who profit off the sale of season tickets and is an attempt to curb ticket scalpers.


For example, y you have season tickets to the Buffalo Sabres. If you can't make it to the game and you want to sell your tickets on Stubhub or SeatGeek or one of those secondary sites, you're going to have to pay a $5,000 fee first in order to get your tickets from the Sabres.

AGAIN: If you want to sell your tickets on those secondary market sites it's going to cost you a FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR RESELLING FEE.

Come on.

This is Buffalo, New York. I get what they are trying to do. They don't want people buying season tickets and not even being a fan. Some people probably just buy season tickets to sell every single game.

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If you have season tickets already, you probably have sold a ton of your individual Sabres tickets--BECAUSE THEY ARE SO BAD.

Though, it is important to note this is ONLY IF YOU SELL YOUR TICKETS ON SECONDARY MARKETS.

As you can imagine, people are mad (especially us who sell our tickets on the secondary market). BUT, the idea behind it is good. First of all, it is New York State law under the State's new ticket protection. The point of issuing the $5,000 licesning fee is to make sure and try and be hold ticket sellers accountable so that if YOU ARE BUY tickets on secondary market, they are legit.

"The Sabres have notified certain season ticket holders who sell their game tickets on secondary markets that they’ll need to purchase a state-required $5,000 reseller license before they can renew their season ticket membership", according to the Buffalo News.

Don't get these confused with the NFL's Personal Seat Licenses.

Personal Seat Licenses in the NFL (and coming to Buffalo) is a one-time fee that season ticket holders will have to pay in order to have their season tickets. Yes, then after the PSL, you'll have to buy your season tickets in addition.

The Buffalo Bills are setting up to do this to Bills fans before the new stadium is opened in 2026. Other PSL's across the league were set between $500-$2,000 on average all depending on the market.

For Bills fans, when you have to purchase your PSL, there will be an option to be put on a 10 year payment plan if you would like.

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