If you remember the legendary Josh Allen pin-up tattoo, this one may top that. 

Either you have a tattoo or you have considered the idea of getting one, and maybe you want your next ink to feature something “very Buffalo,” just to show off your hometown pride. At this point, you may have saved up the money and you are starting to get serious about scheduling an appointment for your tattoo. But you need ideas first, right?

There are a few lucky ones that have a natural creative pull of what kind of tattoo they want and where they want it, but for a first tattoo, it can be a little nerve-wracking having to come up with that idea on your own. 

When it comes to adding some ink, your whole body is basically a canvas, but the most common place for a tattoo is your arms, according to Timeless Tattoo. Other popularly selected options include the upper body, especially the chest and the back. 

If you want to get your tattoo in a rarer location, that’s ok too! You have to do what feels right for you. 

Whether you are set on getting a certain logo, a pop culture character, or football-related artwork, you have to see this incredible tattoo that one Western New Yorker recently added to their canvas. It might be the most Buffalo tattoo you have seen!

Take a look at this Shark Girl tattoo, inked by the great Gabe Levitt at the Crucible Art Collective. 

my buffalo pride tattoo! courtesy of the wonderful gabe levitt at the crucible art collective
byu/NeatGraves inBuffalo

It’s a spin-off of the legendary Shark Girl work from 2004, created by Casey Riordan Millard. 

But if you’re wondering what compelled the person to add the frog component to Shark Girl, here’s what they said: 

I love frogs, I love silly tattoos,” the person wrote on Reddit. “I wanted a Buffalo tattoo that wasn't just a literal Buffalo or something like that. Gabe [the tattoo artist] has a signature frog style—on his instagram, [so] you can see he does a variety of frogs of all different kinds!”

“I thought it would be hilarious to have a frog wearing a shark girl costume,” they wrote. 

Maybe it will help inspire you to come up with an original Buffalo tattoo of your own!

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