It looks like Buffalo, New York is going to get a harsh winter this year. Did you know this? If you see a Wolly Worm, or also known as a Wolly Bear Caterpillar can 'predict' whether or not the winter will be harsh or not. You know what these are: those really furry caterpillars that are brown or black.

If the black on the caterpillar is more than the brown, then winter will see colder temperatures and more snow. If there is more brown on the wolly worm, then winter will be milder. Some consider this to be just a wives tale, but the National Weather Service provides an explanation.

It looks like there was more black on the caterpillar. In fact, our friends at WGRZ have predicted this much snow coming to the Western New York area.

This year, Storm Team 2 is forecasting 85 to 95 inches of snowfall for the greater Buffalo-area with most of it coming from larger weather systems. But, seeing as the atmosphere has already given way to one lake effect rain event this past October that brought rain and graupel to the city and areas south, that same scenario this winter could lead to some major snow", according to WGRZ.

NEXT: Did you hear that you will now be able to track the snowplows in Buffalo? After last year's drama with the City of Buffalo and the plows, something had to be done. There were instances when people were mad because the streets were not plowed for days and people could not get their cars out. Buffalo blamed cars parked illegally on the street. Residents blamed the plows. But, either way, you are going to be able to track the 120 plows and see what streets they have already cleared and which ones they will be on the way to. You can read more about the new initiative here.

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