This winter you will be able to know exactly where the local snow plow is when new GPS tracking.

The City of Buffalo announced that they will allow residents to track the whereabouts of city snowplows so they will know where and when the plow will be coming down their streets.

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WKBW reported that as part of the City of Buffalo's 2022-2023 snowplow plans, each of the 120 city snowplows will have a GPS tracker. This will allow residents to go online and see where each plow is located and time out when the plow will pass their home.

You will be able to follow each snowplow using this WEBSITE.

Officials with the city did say they do have a plan for residents who don't have access to the internet to get the same tracking information. Those residents can call 311 and get an estimated time the plow will be passing by.

With all the technology available this is such a great idea. How many times have you shoveled your driveway to only have the plow come by and put snow back at the end of it? Now you can track where the plow is and time out when you need to shovel your driveaway.

I have a feeling if this goes well this winter in the City of Buffalo, other towns and villages in Western New York will adopt the same policy. It will make things easier for the residents and plow drivers. If you know they are coming and when you can make sure there is nothing in the streets to slow them down.

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