It has taken a few months for a local television show to return to your TV screen, but the viewership on the new show is expected to have unprecedented success. 

After an uncomfortable situation in April, the television show Good Deeds Buffalo (that originally aired on WBBZ-TV) needed to find a new media partner to air their shows. However, they didn’t really know where to turn. 

Jordan James, the host and executive producer of Good Deeds Buffalo, posted an official statement on Facebook following the cease of the former business agreement:

“While this decision comes with a personal cost, my career is on pause and a new “Good Deeds Buffalo” media partner is sought, there is no question that it is the right thing to do,” James said. 

Now, the show is back and it’s going to be bigger than ever, taking on a new name: “Good Deeds America.” 

What Is Good Deeds America?

Hosted by Jordan James, the show now extends its reach nationally, highlighting incredible stories of those making a positive impact coast to coast, according to their official website. James will use his platform to uplift the “deeds” or good news of local and national charities, businesses, and individuals.

How To Watch Good Deeds America

The show will partner with local TV stations and public access channels to share the positivity with a larger audience! It intends to uplift the nation while amplifying the impact of those in grassroots communities, because it all starts with you. 

James is working with Buffalo-based 716 Live Studios located inside the Tri-Main Center for the show’s production, collaborating with Buffalo-based businesses to reflect James’ unwavering commitment to the Queen City. 

It Has Already Been Nationally Recognized

“Good Deeds Buffalo” first gained national attention when James was a guest on the nationally syndicated “Drew Barrymore Show” in connection with “Good Deeds” and his successful “Pride Alliance Blood Drives.” 

After reaching a national platform, James decided to take the “Good Deeds” initiative online, shining the light of positivity that is more accessible than ever. 

“Good Deeds America” debuts online in January 2024, and you can find out more when you click here

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