Ok.it is official most people in Western New York are ready for some football. After the Buffalo Bills had one of their best seasons in 20 years, most Bills Mafia thinks the team can reach the Super Bowl this year.

A big reason is the play of quarterback Josh Allen. Last year Allen made leaps and bounds in terms of progression and turned into one of the league's most elite players.

Here in Buffalo, many fans think he is the BEST quarterback in the league and many people outside the 716 think he is one of the best.

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But in their recent rankings of all the NFL's 32 team starting quarterbacks, Josh Allen didn't make Pro Football Focus' Top 5. He was ranked sixth out of 32. Here is what PFF had to say about Allen;

Josh Allen improved more in 2020 than any quarterback in recent years. The Bills have done a phenomenal job building around him on his rookie contract and also scheming the offense to fit his strengths.

Allen led the league in play-action passing attempts last season, throwing 17 touchdowns to only three interceptions. His accuracy stuck out, too. He finished with a 79.1% adjusted completion rate — the sixth-best mark in the league — after ranking in the 30s last year. The only concern with Allen’s game now is his ability to protect the football. He had the second most turnover-worthy plays (23), trailing only Carson Wentz during the regular season.

Now being sixth overall out of thirty-two isn't bad at all but I think that PFF is off the mark with their list.

Here are the Top 5 quarterbacks according to PFF's latest rankings.

1. Patrick Mahomes
2. Tom Brady
3. Aaron Rogers
4. Russell Wilson
5. Deshaun Watson

Looking at that list, I think that Allen could be at least third overall. I based that on my idea is that who would you want to play quarterback for your team in the playoffs down by 6 with less than two minutes to go in the game.

Yep...I would take Mahomes first overall. This past Super Bowl wasn't his greatest game but he showed that he can make all the throws, scramble to buy time, and make yardage with his feet.

#2 for me would be Aaron Rodgers...he is like Mahomes just a bit older, slower, and might not be able to throw the deep ball as far.

#3 would be Josh Allen. Sure Brady has the titles and Russell can run, but Allen has shown he can throw an accurate deep ball, can scramble to buy time, pick up yardage with his feet, and that pass he threw against Arizona last season with less than a minute left was what dreams are made of. For me, he is the third-best quarterback in the league.

I would have Wilson fourth, Brady fifth, and drop Watson down to number 6. Brady can lead an attack but if the pressure is there from the D-line he can't scramble his way out of a sack. Wilson is great but his arm strength is much less than Allen's and Watson is good at scrambling (remember the playoff game against the Bills) but his deep pass accuracy is off a bit.

To me not having Josh Allen, who was in the MVP hunt last season, in the Top 5 really makes me question what is going on over there at PFF.

Where would you put Allen on this list?

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