You will definitely want to avoid the area if possible Friday morning. 

According to listener reports, there is a school bus rolled into the concrete wall on the 290 eastbound. One woman called into WYRK, reporting that the accident occurred right before the Sheridan exit. 

A man called WYRK shortly after and told us the scene of the accident “gave him chills.” 

There is not much we know at this time, but police have yet to arrive at the scene. 

It’s unclear if any students were on the school bus at the time of the crash. 

Expect the 290 Eastbound to be backed up by the Sheridan exit until further notice.

If you see something, say something: call us at 716-842-9975 to report a crash. 

UPDATE 8:17 AM: The right lanes are closed on the 290 eastbound towards Sheridan.

UPDATE 8:24 AM: Traffic Tracker expert, Dave Cash, from WGRZ - Channel 2 advised drivers to avoid the 290 East from the 990 to Main St.

The accident appeares to be a school bus rollover accident with injuries at Sheridan/Harlem. It has traffic at a standstill & backed up to the 990.

There is also an accident on the 190 North at Smith Street, which still has traffic backed up over 4 miles to the 90.

We'll keep you posted with information as it becomes available to us.

UPDATE 8:27 AM: The Harlem Road Ramp is now closed until further notice.

UPDATE 8:49 AM: At least one person was on a stretcher, according to one driver who just drove by the scene, with several police officers and ambulances responding to the accident.

According to the Erie County Blotter on Facebook:

"Rollover Accident Involving Special Needs Bus. SMART TEAM Dr’s. To Scene. All Victims have been extricated. Including trapped victims. HELP TEAM, NYSP, FIRE, EMS, ECMC SMART TEAM all to scene.
290 is CLOSED For this Incident."
One victim, who was pinned under the bus, was rushed to ECMC, according to Erie County Blotter reports. The person required extrication.
Amherst Police Department and Ambulance went to ECMC with them
The I-290 EB right lanes are still closed beyond Ex 6 (Rte 324) because of the crash at 7:45am.
Twin City Ambulance Corporation is taking 4 Students to Children’s Hospital.
No word on the other students at this time, but "the SMART Team Dr’s are arriving now at the accident and school," according to the Erie County Blotter.
UPDATE 9:18 AM: Shneika Roberts, a resident of Buffalo, drove by the scene of the accident and recorded a brief video, writing on social media that it "caught fire on the 290."
When asked if it was the bus that caught fire, Roberts said, "Yes. They was putting the fire out while we was sitting there traffic was backed up."
You can see the 7 second video below, filmed by Roberts.

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