What a weird situation that we heard happen this past weekend in New York State. There was liquid butter that was reportedly poured onto cars that were driving under overpasses on the 33 into downtown Buffalo.

A woman reported that there she was passing Grider Street on the 33 when all of the sudden something was dumped onto the windshield of her car. Of course, it is a scary situation when you can't see out of your windshield. The woman pulled over and everyone in the car quickly got out and assessed the car realizing that it was a liquid butter or margarine that was poured on the car. It happened on a Friday night, so they had to find a car wash that was opened where they could get the butter off. The car wash solved the problem, but what a scary situation.

It could have been way worse.

When we raised more questions about the incident on social media, more drivers in New York State said that they have had situations like this happen in the past. Not butter or margarine, but people reported the strangest items that were thrown at their cars. Some of the items included sandwiches that were thrown at the cars, a bowling ball, snowballs, rocks, one woman from Batavia, New York said that there were individual bologna pieces.

That may be why you see protective fencing on some of the overpasses to prevent situations like this.

What is the crime for throwing things at cars while they are driving in New York State?

Obviously, it is a crime to throw things at cars in New York State. You could be charged with Criminal mischief a non-violent crime that involves intentionally or recklessly damaging property that belongs to another person", according to CriminalDefense.com.

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