Buffalo News columnist Rod Watson is getting some national attention for his commentary regarding this Sunday's Bills game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  In essence he's sick of it.

Watson says "Does the phrase "Get a life!" mean anything around here?"  He mentions high taxes, environmental issues, civil rights and the possibility of nuclear war as just a few of the things that are far more important than a football team making the playoffs for the first time in 17 seasons.

Well, yeah.  All true.  But Rod, lighten up.  Let's enjoy it for just a few days.  The Bills in  the playoffs is a small diversion from all the things we deal with all year long.  We haven't forgotten all those issues.  We're just trying to enjoy ourselves for a little while we speculate on the Bills chances of advancing past the Jaguars.

No, Rod.  We're not all so shallow that we haven't forgotten the things that are really important.  But, this football team seems to have united the community and even for just a few days it's great to see.

Check out Rod Watson's column "Playoff Game? Please Don't Tell Me Any More About It and see if you agree or disagree.

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