During one locally-owned restaurant’s operating hours, something collided into the building and shocked everyone inside.

It was a car coming off the 190; all of a sudden, it was no longer driving on the road, but rather the car had become a part of the restaurant building. 

The crash occurred on Niagara Street in Buffalo, and the car collided with a locally-owned all-vegan restaurant called Strong Hearts. 

The restaurant staff shared some more information in regards to the emergency. 

“Yesterday morning, a vehicle coming off of the 190 lost control and smashed into our building causing extensive damage to our kitchen and bakery area. Bystanders extricated the driver from the vehicle and then pushed the vehicle away from the building before it caught fire."

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt during the crash, including the driver of the vehicle who had to be extracted from the car. 

One of the bakers at Strong Hearts was just a few feet away when the car smashed through the building, and the baker is unharmed and safe. 

Strong Hearts said they have since cleaned up the mess and are getting back to business as usual. They are open normal hours and resuming normal business operations. 

“It’s been a wild ride for us here on the west side,” the Facebook post read. “It would be just lovely to see y’all swing by the restaurant today to show us some love. As always, thank you Buffalo.

Now would be a great time to support local and help Strong Hearts when it comes to recovering cost as a result of the car crash. 

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