If you own a car here in New York State, you must have insurance. Without it, you can face a revocation of you registration and some stiff penalties and fines.

But when was the last time you looked at the insurance policy that you have? As of August 1st, there is a charge that is automatically added to your renewal.

According to Erie County Clerk, Mickey Kearns, Governor Hochul signed a bill in to law here in New York State.

"It's called supplemental spousal liability insurance, which has always been available. But now, if you are single, and you are not married, you still have to pay for this insurance. They are opting you in". This can get pricey. Especially for those with multiple cars that are insured.

This change occurred back on August 1st and you may be seeing you policy renewal arriving soon. New York State indicates on their website that:

New York State law requires an insurer issuing or delivering a policy that satisfies the requirements of New York Vehicle and Traffic Law Article 6 provide supplemental spousal liability insurance in such policy unless the named insured elects, in writing, to decline and refuse such insurance in the insured’s policy.

Most people just stack the paperwork in your records. But make sure you do a few things this year.

Kearns went on to remind us that, "you should open the insurance policy when it comes for renewal. You may see that extra charge in there after being auto-enrolled. You can opt out, and we are trying to get those forms available at the local DMV".

New York State notes that:

If you do not decline this insurance in writing, supplemental
spousal liability insurance is automatically included in your motor vehicle insurance policy.


Need more answers? The Erie County Clerk's office can help. Mickey Kearns shares that, "you can go to erie.gov/clerk, you can call the outreach center 716-858-8864 for assistance".

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