The bill states that, if passed, any car or truck built after January 1, 2024 would need to have mandatory "advanced safety technology", that would limit how fast a car can go. A bill that has been introduced by New York State Senator Brad Hoylman has been submitted. He notes that using Intelligent Speed Assistance would help reduce accidents by "20 percent".

Mandates the use of advanced safety technology in vehicles in the state and requires the commissioner of motor vehicles to promulgate certain rules and regulations.

Parts of New York State have already begun testing this system. If you are wondering how it works, it is pretty interesting:

  • The new feature is a GPS that pinpoints where you are.
  • It knows the speed limit, so the feature will not let you go over the speed limit.

If you HAVE TO go faster, for safety reasons, there is a way to disengage the limit. The program by New York's DCAS has a goal of getting 7,500 vehicles to test the process. They rolled out the first 50 State vehicles in August of 2022.

Currently, the bill is in committee. You can see the status of the bill on the New York State website here.

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