Like a lot of couples, Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher had some definite ideas about family planning—with one of those being their personal opinion of ideal spacing between children. She admits that things didn't work out exactly as she'd expected them to.

Underwood's first son, Isaiah, was born in February of 2015, and second baby Jacob didn't arrive until January 2019, putting a four-year gap between the boys. “We initially in our lives kind of wanted our kids a little closer in age," Underwood revealed to People. "That didn’t happen, because God has a different plan sometimes.”

The singer is, of course, grateful to have her current family of four, after suffering three miscarriages over two years. She's also learned that the somewhat-larger-than-she'd-expected age difference is turning out to be quite a positive thing for everyone, including Isaiah, who at nearly 5 is old enough to pitch in and help care for Jacob.

"He's just so helpful, and he looks out for his little brother,” says Underwood, who herself has a large age difference from her two older sisters. She adds that her firstborn likes taking directions and follows them well. "He’s a very task-oriented child. So if you ask him to do something, he wants to feel helpful and he wants to do it and be a part of things.”

Underwood told the publication that Isaiah has been so busy being a good helper that, at the time, he still hadn't sat down and written his wish list to Santa yet. Hopefully he's done that by now, but we're sure he's already landed on the official "nice" list a long time ago for being a great big brother.

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