WYRK is proud of this country, and the soldiers who have earned our freedom and those who fight to preserve it. We ask listeners to nominate a soldier to become one of our weekly “Hometown Heroes.” Each Friday a new Hometown Hero is chosen. The selected Hometown Hero is featured right here on WYRK.com, thanked for their service on the air and the first song on Noon Tunes is dedicated to them.

Val's 6 Year-Old Makes Pandemic 'Heaven'
He’s a kiddo who despite being a month shy of turning 7, still has a baby face, tiny voice, and little dimples on the tops of his hands. He’s only ever been to a couple years of preschool a couple days a week, and had just over 100 days as a kindergartner when the pandemic hit.
My Favorite Veteran - My Dad
It’s Veteran’s Day, and we here at WYRK would like to thank everyone who has served and is currently serving in our United States Military. I would like to take a couple seconds to stop and say thank you to one veteran in particular. He’s my favorite veteran. He’s my dad.

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