The hype surrounding this year's Buffalo Bills team is incredible and for good reason. Josh Allen and the rest of the Buffalo Bills are coming off a great season and with some great off-season personnel moves, this team has everything it needs to make a legit run, deep in to the playoffs!

The best news, for fans at least, is that the capacity limits have been removed and there will be a full house on hand to welcome the Buffalo Bills to the field this year! Seeing the new signs go up and the camps begin, it really feels like football season is already here! Not trying to rush away the summer. There sure are some great events happening before we get to September. But, like many others, I am super excited for football season and everything that comes with it!

Highmark Stadium looks great and crews are working everyday to get it ready for the fans to come back home. There is chatter that the Buffalo Bills are looking to put in a new stadium and have it ready within the next 5-10 years. Either way, Buffalo is talking proud about the team this year!

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