Usually, after I'm done cutting up lettuce at my house (which, is rare to begin with), I just toss of the stump of the head or toss it outside for the animals.

But next time you have that stump in your hand, maybe you will want to try this instead of just tossing it out.

I put the stumps in little plastic containers filled with about an inch of water in some sunlight by my back window. A couple days later, the water was gone, and I just refilled it over and over again.

It grew back incredibly quick -- and you can chop off and repeat again!! I wish I took a picture of it after about three weeks because those suckers were huge.

You can see in the picture how fast it really grew. The one on the far left is freshly cut. The one in the middle has been sitting in there for about two days, and the one on the far right has been in the water for three days!

Try it! I heard you can also try it with onions and celery!!