I think it's absolutely disgusting when Buffalo Sabres fans cheer the goals other teams score against the Buffalo Sabres.  How can any fan wearing Sabres gear call themselves a true Sabres fan when they're happy when the other team wins?  It's stunningly disrespectful to the players.  And these are players who are trying their best. As a professional athlete I would never forget it.  And I would never want to play for these fans, this team or this city again.

The way the Sabres are constructed right now, they just don't have the talent to score goals, prevent goals and to win games on a consistent basis. They make enough mistakes, miss enough chances and take enough bad penalties to just let things play out on their own.  But to cheer when they get scored against is just piling on to a bad situation.

There were plenty of cheers Thursday night each time the Arizona Coyotes scored against the Sabres, but the biggest cheer came when the Coyotes scored a power play goal in overtime to beat the Sabres 4-3.  There were fans in Sabres jerseys dancing thru the corridors after the game.  There were people hooting and hollering as if the Sabres had won a playoff game.  These are fans?  Disgusting.

I know all about those fans defending themselves by saying it gives the Sabres the best shot at Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel in the amateur draft.  But one player doesn't make a team.  A star player could be injured in his first game in the NHL and never play another game.  Then what.

The loss puts the Coyotes six points up on the Sabres and with eight games left it would be pretty tough for the Sabres not to finish in dead-last, bottom of the barrel, nobody-worse-in-the-league 30th place.  So are all you so-called Sabres fans happy now?  Next year you're going to be cheering for some of these same players to win?

Three or four years from now I hope all of this was worth it.  There certainly are no guarantees.