Everyone knows that Buffalo Bills fans travel well. Only two weeks ago, Bills Mafia swarmed Miami, taking over 50% of the seats inside Hard Rock Stadium. So when the Bills play at home, you know we’ll be flocking there in droves. 

The question is, do Kansas City Chiefs fans travel as well to visiting stadiums as we do?

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This will be the first playoff game ever that Patrick Mahomes will spend on the road. In his six seasons as starting quarterback for the Chiefs, all fifteen of his previous postseason appearances (not counting the Super Bowl, which is played on a neutral site) took place at home in Arrowhead Stadium.  

Since Mahomes has been at the helm, Chiefs Kingdom hasn’t been tested to see if they’ll travel to opposing stadiums during the playoffs. So how many are projected to come to Buffalo this Sunday to see their team in Highmark Stadium?

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The answer may surprise you…or not, if you know anything about Bills fans. 

Highmark Stadium Will Be Overwhelmingly Bills Fans

Unsurprisingly, Bills Mafia will be the dominating force in the stands this Sunday, and by a massive majority. 

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According to data from the ticket marketplace website Vivid Seats, 92% of fans in attendance at Highmark Stadium will be fans of the Buffalo Bills. 

This doesn’t shock us one bit. The frenzy of Bills Mafia is at an all-time high, with the chance of seeing Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs on their turf for the first time in five years (and, of course, catching a glimpse of Taylor Swift).  

We doubt that Chiefs fans are hesitant to come here because of the snow (after all, they just sat through record cold temperatures last week in Kansas City). And Sunday’s forecast is looking like it will be much nicer than last week.

We just think that to get tickets to the big game, they’ll have to pry tickets out of Buffalo’s cold, blue and red hands. 

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