Every time we get to March, we think that better weather is right around the corner. In reality, that month is never something to look forward to and even April has its ups and downs that can get very frustrating.

However, we can all agree that when May rolls around, that is when you should expect the warmer temperatures to be here and for summer weather to slowly work its way into the forecast.

That was absolutely not the case in 2023.

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The first few days of May have been downright terrible. It's been rainy, cold and damp. It's the kind of weather that puts you in a bad mood and causes pains in those arthritic joints. Thursday (today) is better but still only a high of 50 degrees and overcast skies.

The weather has been so bad for the start of May, it's setting records.

This is the first time since 1935 that the month of May has started with three straight days below 50 degrees in the City of Buffalo. 88 years...

The good news is that the weather will improve dramatically over the new few days.

Friday will be a high of 60 degrees and partly sunny, with temperatures in the mid-60's for the weekend. There's even a few 70 degree highs forecasted, for the next 10 days.

I have lived in Buffalo my entire life and I have never seen a start to spring this cold before. We did have that stretch of 70-degree days but outside of that, these last six weeks have not been anything to write home about.

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