We were talking about Christmas trees on Friday – the various types, how many are sold, the top states for growing Christmas trees.  But today we’ll talk about when to put your Christmas tree up.  It seems the modern tradition is to put up trees on Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving. 

Today, December 6th is Saint Nicholas day in the Catholic faith and some people think today is the proper day to put up their tree in honor of St Nicholas.

The classic tradition is to put up the Christmas tree 12 days before Christmas day, on the 13th of December.

A Catholic tradition is to put up the Christmas tree after noon on Christmas eve.  Some Catholics get around it by decorating the tree ahead of time and not lighting the tree until Christmas eve and others wait until Christmas eve to put the star on top of the tree.

When should you take your Christmas tree down? 

Some people think the day after New Year’s Day is the right time.

Catholic tradition is to take down your tree the day after the feast of the Epiphany which falls on January 6th, 12 days after Christmas.

Common sense though should prevail.  If your tree is dried out and the needles are falling off you should take it down because it’s a fire hazard.

Source: Good Housekeeping

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