It may have been a bye week for the Buffalo Bills, but it definitely wasn’t a quiet one.

Bills TE Dawson Knox shared the news on Instagram over the weekend that he popped the question to his girlfriend Alex Seefeldt, and she said yes! 

Look at the beautiful photos below from the special moment.

Knox and Seefeldt were enjoying the beach and the colorful sunset when Knox decided to ask those four life-changing words: “Will You Marry Me?”

Seefeldt shared the video on Instagram after the big day, calling her response “the easiest YES of my life !!!” 

About Dawson Knox’s Fiance, Alex Seefeldt 

Alex Seefeldt is a Buffalo native and a Bills fan, of course! She graduated high school from the Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart, and she continued her education at the University of Buffalo’s School of Public Health and Health Professions. Seefeldt graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in science in 2021.  

So it’s no secret that Seefeldt breathes and lives by the way of a Buffalonian…which may make you wonder “Is that Woodlawn Beach?”

Admittedly, I looked at the engagement photos and had to zoom in because I really thought for a second there that they got engaged at Woodlawn Beach.

And you may be rolling your eyes at that, but bear with me here: Seefeldt is from Buffalo, Woodlawn Beach is a summer staple for Buffalonians and Western New Yorkers, and Dawson Knox obviously knows this, so maybe it was more of a sentimental beach selection rather than the beachiest of beaches. 

Woodlawn Beach may not be Miami Beach, but it’s the best one we have in Western New York and we all love going. 

However, after my boyfriend talked some sense into me, I realized that there’s no way it could have been Woodlawn Beach. On November 30, Woodlawn Beach was preparing for their big Polar Plunge with the local high schools, which took place on Friday, December 1. 

So while it’s entirely possible that it could have been Woodlawn Beach, it seems unlikely – especially because it was cloudy with a high of 50 on November 30th. Based on the engagement photos, it looks like the happy couple was at a beach that was much warmer than Buffalo would have been on that day. 

If I were to guess where the engagement happened, it looks like that is Panama City Beach…which would make sense since Knox and Seefeldt were at Panama City Beach back in June when they first went public with their relationship

Someone asked Seefeldt in the Instagram comments what beach they were at, but I think the happy couple is a little preoccupied with the engagement celebrations at this time. 

Congratulations to the future Mr. & Mrs. Knox! <3

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