If you feel like it's been awhile since we've seen the sun here in Buffalo, you're right.  It's actually a little shocking how little we've seen it.

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The weather in Buffalo is incredible.  I can say that and mean it...when we're talking about summer.  It's perfect here in the summertime.

It's these couple of months in the winter that we have to power through in order to get to those summer days that are rough.  And this year it's been particularly tough because we haven't seen much of the sun.  You know...that big yellow ball in the sky?

It's not just your S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  It's just been really gray and cloudy. We've gone without the sun for a ridiculous amount of time in the last two months.  According to Patrick Hammer, we've only seen the sun for two days this whole year!  I know, it's still January...but still!


There are a couple of different ways to measure the average annual sunshine that a region gets.  The first is to measure the percentage of sun.  That's the percentage of time between sunrise and sunset that sunshine reaches the ground.  Then there's the total hours of sun.  That's measured by the average number of sunny hours the city normally has in a year. Clear Days are the average number of days annually when cloud covers at most 30 percent of the sky during daylight hours.

When you compare Buffalo to some of the major cities in the country, as expected, on average we see much less sun than most.  Only Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Grand Rapids, Michigan see less sun than we do...and it's not a whole lot less.

If you want the most sun, you're going to want to head to Vegas, Phoenix, or Tuscon.  They all have about 85% sun.


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