When you go to get a haircut on a fall Saturday, the last thing you're expecting is a deer crashing through the salon window, but that's precisely what happened at a salon on Long Island, New York.

According to WIVB, a deer came crashing through the salon's window while the hair stylist (also the owner) was with a customer. The deer looks to hit the other waiting customer while crashing through.

The deer ran through the break room before making its way back to the main room and exiting through the door.

The owner said she thought a car crashed through the window...but then turned around and saw a deer!

The woman waiting on the couch was taken to the hospital after feeling pain in her head and leg. Her injuries were non-life threatening.

Other than the window, there wasn't other extensive damage in the salon.

I couldn't even imagine this happening. The instant shock of the window crashing would definitely have me jumping up!

Read the story at WIVB. Watch the video below!



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