Holiday travel is usually very hectic.  But after an incident that occurred today at the Rainbow Bridge, you can expect even more delays at the Buffalo airport.

This afternoon, an explosion was reported at the Rainbow Bridge coming into the United States from Canada.  The FBI called it a vehicle explosion and it is still under investigation.  Click here to see updates as we get them.

Road traffic will be affected by the explosion

The explosion prompted authorities to close down all pathways between the United States and Canada along the Niagara River in Western New York.  For people who were hoping to get into the United States to celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend, they will have to find another path, at least for the time being.  That will create much more traffic on the roads.

The airport will also be affected

The roads will not be the only thing affected by the explosion.  The airport will also probably see extreme delays for the next couple of hours.  There are reports that every single car coming to the airport is going to be checked.

They have set up a checkpoint to check vehicles for explosives outside of the airport.


It has always been a good rule of thumb to arrive at the airport 2 to 2.5 hours before your flight takes off, but today might be a good day to give yourself even more time if you plan to travel.

The incident is still under investigation and is what the FBI describes as a very fluid situation.

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