Dierks Bentley's 3-year-old son just got his first major boo-boo.

Knox, the youngest of Bentley's three children, recently fractured his arm after a nasty fall while the family was on tour. Bentley shared the news on Thursday (June 22) during a media roundtable in Nashville at his No. 1 party for his recent hit, "Black."

"Knox broke his arm in two spots the other day," Bentley says. "We were outside Telluride at the bluegrass festival (which Bentley performed at) and we were renting a house there with a bunch of people. ... There's a loft above the bunkbeds, about 12-13 feet; he thought his grandfather was going to catch him, but there was an obvious miscommunication there."

Bentley was rehearsing with the Del McCoury band at the time of the accident, and right before he got the call, Bentley says he was thinking, "This is the best day of my life. I'm singing songs with these heroes of mine in Telluride. This is awesome."

However, the practice session turned into a doctor session — Bentley and company spent 40 minutes with the medical staff as they tried to mend his son. "I lost a few years of my life," the singer admits. "He was out mostly, so I'm the one that I think suffered the most damage. It was brutal."

Bentley also recognizes that the situation could've been much worse: "We're really lucky, of all the things that could've happened, (between) a head injury and neck (injury) ... I named him Knox for a reason. I figured, I just knew he was going to be a bruiser, but he's doing pretty good."

Knox is currently wearing a hard cast on his arm and recovering.

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