You ever walk into a restaurant to pick up your food and you see the suggested tipping screen? Maybe when you sit down and dine-in, this makes things a whole heck of a lot easier. But, what if you are just there to pick up your take out?

You swipe your credit card and then they flip the screen around and it shows some suggested tips and the amounts with 15%, 20% and 25%.

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But, should you be tipping that much for a take out order? Some will say it depends and some people have to 'prepare' and put the meal in the bag with silverware and that deserves a tip.

On the other hand, how is a customer supposed to know that? We don't tip the McDonald's or Burger King people that prepare our order. Do you feel pressure to tip on take out or counter service orders? It's a tough situation because you do not really know what the other person's pay is like. Are they working for tips? What is their base? It's hard to judge, but the pressure may be real.

Maybe all restaurants in the United States should be like Europe and actually give wait staff a flat wage and they take no tips. What do you say?

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