Last weekend I told you about Dock Dogs stopping through Hamburg at Clyde's Feed and Animal Center and it was certainly worth our time.If you've never seen Dock Dogs before, you should check it out sometime.  The athleticism of these dogs is at times incredible.  I say "at times" because not all of these dogs are trained to do this.  Some of them like the first dog you will see on this video live for it.  As a matter of fact, that dog ended up getting a 25' jump the night before at Clyde's (to put it in perspective, the world record is 31').  But some of them were making their very first jump that day.

It's incredible to watch.

And it was completely free.  There were other vendors there talking about their products, and I had to stop and get a frozen yogurt for the kids and my pup...and myself.  But other than that, it didn't cost anything.

It's important to add that you should never urge your dog to jump into water where you can't see what's in it.  Murky ponds and lakes should always be searched before you tell your dog to hop in to make sure it will not injure itself.


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