If you pay for Verizon service on a land line phone or have in the past, you may be entitled to some money!  The telephone behemoth has settled a class-action lawsuit over "cramming."  "Cramming" is where outside companies are able to charge the consumer's phone bills without ever getting permission.  These outside companies say that they provide .....auxiliary mail boxes or other features such as weather reports.  Other "cramming" charges come in the form of  long distance calls or collect calls to your land line phone.  The charges applied are low, but add up over time and the companies make loads of cash by quietly and unsuspectingly sneaking their charges in.

As a result of this lawsuit, the court ruled that Verizon must reimburse all customers who file a claim for "cramming" that took place between April of 2005 to February 25th of 2012.  If you think you may have been caught in the little scam....click here!



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