The next pizza night for your family is about to be half the price! For a limited time, one of the nation's most popular pizza chains is offering a 50 percent off deal when you order on their app.

Pizza is one food that MOST of the family will agree on. True, everyone has their favorite, or not so favorite, topping. However, pizza is quick and easy and makes for great left overs IF there are any.

We have four kids and honestly, the go to many nights is pizza. It is something our kids will actually eat and although mom and I feel a little guilty/lazy when it comes to dinner, the way I see it, at least they will eat it.

Here in Buffalo, New York we are blessed with some of the best local pizza places in the nation! Buffalo may be known for our wings, but the pizza is incredible! Every now and again, you may crave Domino's and there is a good offer for the next few days.

When we are on vacation, the choice for pizza at the hotel is easy...Domino's! It is consistent and now, cheaper than most.

According to Chew Boom:

All menu-priced pizzas are available for 50% off including specialty pizzas like Honolulu Hawaiian, Wisconsin 6 Cheese, and Philly Cheese Steak pizzas. The promotion runs through Sunday, June 11, 2023, and is available at participating Domino’s locations nationwide.

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